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Resque Bay Equipment

battery box.png
battery box.png
Battery Box
An advanced and intelligent power solution that incorporates several features to ensure reliable performance and ease of maintenance
alarm (2).png
Resque Bay Alarm
Your ultimate safety solution. This unit features a visible flashing LED cluster in green when mains power is connected, and a red cluster when mains power fails with 270 degree visibility.
fan 2.png
Resque Bay Fan
The Resque Room Fresh Air Fan, is your ultimate solution for clean and breathable air. This unit securely clamps onto the borehole pipe inside the Resque Room, efficiently forcing clean air from the surface into the Resque Room at a rate of more than 10 square metres per minute
Untitled design.png
Escape Route Arrow Transparent.png
Escape Route Arrow
A visual, double sided, blue flashing and pointing arrow - Its purpose is to guide and direct distressed individuals during emergency evacuations. Particularly from crossing points, over conveyor belts and other strategic locations to the safety of the Resque Room
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