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Our Story

Where it all began

RTS was established in 1999 by Jan Erasmus in order to develop and improve the safety of miners working underground by supplying a unique range of environmental gas monitoring equipment to coal mines in South Africa.


In 2018, RTS decided to expand its horizons and embrace a new chapter in its history. The company transitioned its marketing rights to Radio Transmission Services Electronics PTY Ltd (RTSE). This transformation marked a significant milestone as RTS became a Level 2 BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) company. We are proud to be 49% black woman-owned and 51% black-owned in total, contributing to South Africa's growth and transformation.


Over the past four years, RTSE has experienced exponential growth. Our team now comprises four dedicated Directors and an additional 13 employees, enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of services. Beyond supplying top-quality equipment to mines, we have expanded our expertise to include installation, maintenance, and consulting services. RTSE has become synonymous with safety and innovation within South African coal mines. Our history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to making mining safer for humans and the environment.

Company Values

We believe in:


We empower each other to take ownership of our actions


Exceptional Customer Service

Our customers feel like they are the one and only



We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together



If we can’t enjoy what we are doing, we are doing it wrong



Our mission is to provide cutting-edge mandatory environmental monitoring and safety equipment to all underground mines in South Africa, with a focus on promoting sustainable and responsible mining practices. We strive to be the preferred provider for mines who prioritise worker safety in order to save lives, provide environmental protection, and advocates for social responsibility.

Our vision is to remain a leading provider of environmental monitoring and safety equipment for underground mines in South Africa and to increase our market share to at least 90%. We aim to be recognised for our commitment to advancing sustainable and responsible mining practices, promoting the well-being of mine workers, and protecting the environment. Through innovation, collaboration, and excellence in service delivery, we aspire to make a positive impact on the mining industry in South Africa and beyond.

Biggest Milestones

From then until now

Meet The Team

Everyone Matters
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Proudly South African

Engineered to Perfection 

Our wide range of products represent over 20 years of evolution and improvements. Our flagship catalogue features I.S. certification incredible battery backup with expert after sales support as standard.


Reliable and Responsive

No Matter Where You Are

While our major manufacturing facilities are in Gauteng, all servicing and repairs are done in our workshop in Secunda, Mpumalanga. In some cases we offer repairs and calibration services at your own premises.

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