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The AirRobo MKII is a cost-effective underground roadway air velocity sensor  designed for underground use. It is available in two models: MKII Basic Model and the MKII Smart Device. Both units provide visual indication of air flow in roadways through a cluster of flashing LEDs. The MKII Basic Model features green LEDs for positive flow above 0.5 m/s and red LEDs for low air flow below 0.5 m/s. In case of a power outage, the device includes a reliable six-hour Li-Ion battery backup. The AirRobo MKII - Smart Device offers an additional output that allows for the connection of a second unit, duplicating the visual status of the main device. This second unit can serve as an extension for extra visual indication.

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Key Features

Basic model voltage input: 85V to 256V AC

  • Smart Device voltage input: 9V to 36V DC or 85V to 256V AC

  • LED display indicating real-time airflow

  • Super bright visibility with 360-degree coverage

  • Relay output for connecting unit status to a PLC, enabling monitoring of all connected AirRobo units on SCADA (Smart Device)

  • Li-Ion battery backup, 4-5 year lifespan

  • Solid-state airflow sensor with intelligent and fast compensation from -20⁰C to 50⁰C

  • All units are factory calibrated on delivery 

  • Quick switch-over between red and green status within 12 seconds

  • Flashing green LEDs for airflow speed > 0.5 m/s

  • Flashing red LEDs for airflow speed < 0.5 m/s

  • IP56 waterproof metal housing designed for rugged environments

  • Well-engineered hanging rods for easy permanent roof mounting

  • Airflow zero drift unit designed for recommended service intervals of 1 year

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