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Resque Bay Battery Box

The Battery & Fan Control Box is an advanced and intelligent power solution that incorporates several features to ensure reliable performance and ease of maintenance. It tests the fan functionality and battery condition every 12 hours, lubricating the bearings of the fan. Monthly, a 6-hour load test ensures peak performance. A flashing LED prompts monthly inspections, signalling full functionality or maintenance requirements. The steel powder-coated stand raises the unit off the ground, preventing damage in the event of water accumulation. With these intelligent features and robust construction, the Battery & Fan Control Box offers a dependable and secure power solution, while also facilitating regular maintenance and inspections to ensure optimal performance over time. The Battery box can be customised to communicate to SCADA, this will allow real-time monitoring of the fan, battery condition and overall system conditions.

Key Features
  • Input voltage: 85-265V AC with surge protection, and there is an LED panel to indicate mains supply on/off status.

  • It has three 12V DC output sockets available for powering devices such as fans, spare lights, or auxiliary equipment. Note that the fan socket is only active when the manual fan start button is activated and during a 1min power test which runs every 12 hours via an automatic test mode.

  • The device includes automated 12-hourly fan and battery tests to ensure proper functionality.

  • LED bar graph display that indicates the actual battery load condition, with levels ranging from 0% to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% load available

  • The device offers a battery backup duration of 6 -8  hours, which depends on load, e.g. the speed setting of the fan or additional lights

  • For fan control, there are manual stainless steel start and stop buttons provided.

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