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Optional Ultra Sonic Sensor, not included.

Dust Suppression Water Valve

Whether it's mitigating dust in dusty areas or managing water flow in industrial settings, our valve offers unparalleled performance. Designed to withstand the challenges of utility/processed water in mining and industrial industries, our valve features a robust 20 Bar Shutter solenoid valve and an inline flushable stainless steel filter. This ensures reliable and cost-effective dust control, regardless of water type.

Key Features
  • Enhanced durability: The valve is engineered to open and shut properly without leaking, even when fragments jam the shutter.

  • Strainer for solid particle filtration: Equipped with a flushable inline stainless steel filter to strain out solid particles and maintain optimal performance.

  • Integration capabilities: The valve can be seamlessly integrated into telemetry or PLC systems, allowing remote valve control and monitoring.

  • Stand-alone functionality: It can function independently or be integrated with ultrasonic or mechanical coal detectors for precise valve control.

  • Versatile power options: Powered by 12V, 24V, 48V DC, or 85-265V AC (to be specified in the part number), providing flexibility to suit various power requirements.

  • Sturdy enclosure: Housed in a powder-coated steel enclosure for long-lasting protection.

  • Multiple pipe connection options: Available with 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, or one-inch pipe connections.

  • Convenient maintenance: Includes a stainless steel removable inline water filter with an inline stopcock to block incoming water for easy maintenance.

  • Optional delay features: Offers the option for internal delay on stop and/or delay on start, with potential free relay contacts.

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