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I.S. Audio Visual Alarm

The I.S. Audio/Visual Alarm is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with the MetCoAir MKIV unit. Its primary function is to promptly notify personnel in the designated section area whenever an alarm condition is detected by the MetCoAir sensor system. To acknowledge the alarm, the MetCoAir MKIV unit itself must be used. Pressing the fire patrol button, located on the side of the unit, will cause the flashing LED light on the MKIV unit to stop flashing and remain solid red until the conditions are safe before it will automatically return to flashing green.


Once the alarm acknowledgment process is completed, the Control Room staff will receive an alarm acknowledgement on the SCADA system if it is wired and the register is scanned to SCADA. This acknowledgment includes a timestamp indicating the detection and acknowledgment of the alarm, and it is stored as a historical record on both the Telemetry PC and the SCADA log file. In an underground coal mine, it will typically be installed at the flameproof switchgear located in the I.S. area near the waiting place. However, the MetCoAir system is positioned in the return airway, which is a separate location after the last pillar of the coal face.


Key Features
  • super Bright Visibility across 270 degrees

  • operational voltage: 8-15V DC @ 120mA

  • equipped with 2 x Piezo-buzzers, offering a sound level of 105dB in two directional sound emissions

  • encased in a durable, potted steel powder-coated enclosure

  • industrial-grade, replaceable, screw-in cable with industrial steel braided, copper coated cable

  • rated SABS certification to EXia qualification

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