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Smoke Sensor

The CO MKIV Gas Detection Unit represents a cutting-edge advancement in gas detection technology. This unit offers a comprehensive range of gas detection capabilities, including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Temperature, and onboard barometric pressure. It utilizes Modbus RS485 communication protocol to seamlessly integrate with any SCADA system. By default, this unit is classified as Non-I.S. (non-intrinsically safe), but it can be ordered as an I.S. (intrinsically safe) unit, which is certified for installation in all underground areas. The I.S. certification ensures SANS 15.15.3 compliance, safety standards and regulations. Furthermore, the unit features a robust 16-pin plug, simplifying the wiring process for connecting various peripherals.

Key Features
  • Voltage input: 9V-15V DC

  • Operating current: 350mA

  • Display: LCD display for real-time gas readings

  • Compliance: Non-I.S. (Intrinsically Safe certification available upon request)

  • 2 Digital input

  • 2 Relay outputs remotely addressable from SCADA

  • Communication: 2-wire RS485 Modbus RTU communication

  • Device ID range: 1 to 100 (Fire patrol push button facilitates easy on-board ID change and alarm response)

  • Alarm indication: High-brightness LED cluster with red/green alarm indication

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