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Coal Detector / Tilt Switch

Introducing the cost-Effective non-magnetic Heavy Duty Industrial Blocked Chute Tilt Switch, designed to ensure safety and prevent incidents in coal drop chutes. This switch detects obstructions, stops feeding the conveyor belt and promptly notifies the control room. This prevents conveyor belt blockages and spillage.

  • Non-magnetic heavy-duty design: Crafted in a solid nylon casing, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Robust construction: Equipped with a 5m Yellowline steel-braided copper-clad suspension cable, providing strength and longevity.

  • Enhanced visibility: Highly visible up to 200m with a reflective layer on the top and bottom ends, ensuring easy identification even from a distance.

  • Reliable contact: Normally closed potential-free contact (12V 
@ 30mA max) that opens in any direction when tilted above 15⁰

  • Versatile application: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, specifically designed to detect and prevent blockages in coal drop chutes.

Key Features

Upgrade your safety measures with the cost-effective non-magnetic Heavy Duty Industrial Blocked Chute Tilt Switch. Ensure smooth conveyor operation, prevent spillage, and safeguard your workplace.
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